Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Gautier MS Commercial Real Estate

Gautier, Mississippi is a town located in Harrison County and is on the West Bank of the Pascagoula River, eight miles West of Pascagoula which is the county seat. The town of Gautier was incorporated in 1986. According to http://www.kellycreely.com/Web/AR657729/CustomContent/index/5717236 the United States Census Bureau, the entire population of Gautier was thought to be 18,413 in 2010.

Descendants of the Gautier family members, for whom the http://www.kellycreely.com/Web/AR657729/CustomContent/index/5717236 city is known as, still dwell in this region.

The lovely, large homestead that Fernando Upton Gautier created at the mouth of the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBdoEpGGDnY Pascagoula River Basin in 1867 still exists today. Fernando Gautier created started a very profitable sawmill industry in this region and the town grew http://www.homes.com/ from that endeavor. The house is known as the The Old Place, and continues to be owned by the descendants of Fernando Upton Gautier. The house can be used today for both private and public events.

Gautier remained a rural community until the start of World War II when shipyard employees began to migrate to this region to construct ships to support the war effort at the nearby shipyard. This shipyard was Ingalls, which was owned by Bob Ingalls. Even today, this shipyard is one of the most important shipyards in the United States.

Today, the city is well known for its lovely, stately houses that are surrounded by centuries old live oak trees. Gautier is a bedroom vacation resort community with two championship golf courses and the many historic properties are surrounded by bayous and wetlands on 3 sides. Gautiers beautiful environment provides many possibilities for outdoor recreation and eco-tourism.

Gautier is located in a convenient location and is YOURURL.com only a two hour automobile drive to New Orleans and a 45 minuteautomobile drive to Mobile. And, Gautier is a 5 minute drive to the most beautiful sugar white sand seashore on the whole Mississippi Gulf Coastline along with the availability of a vast selection of terrific restaurants, outdoor vistas, and scenic byways and the enjoyment of 9 non-stop casino resorts in nearby Harrison County.

And, the cost of real property is among the lowest along the whole Mississippi Coast.

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